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Sticking to the ancestral procedures, the agronomist engineers provided the right shading by planting Plantains between rows of cocoa which would grow in 460 acres. Against all odds, the national "Arriba" went beyond expectations, starting its formidable production in record timing of which it normally does in other parts of the country. Luckily between October of 2011 and January of 2012, the first harvest of plants whose controlled height doesn't reach 2 meters was done. It obtained the amazing result of 0.25 tons (5.10 Quintals) of dry cocoa in the first 24 months; this behavior shows us a similar production of CCN51.
Now in 2015 we can establish that the fine flavor trees that are in Hacienda Victoria can produce more than 2 tons per hectare (More than 40 Quintals) attracting the interest from all the country and building what people are calling the renaissance of Arriba fine flavor cocoa in Ecuador.



Ing. Samuel von Rutte
25 years of experience growing cocoa and coffee
HTL Engineer (Bachelor of Sciences BS)
Master farmer
Ing. Saul Mestanza
Responsible for Cocoa Program (E) (INIAP)
Universidad Técnica de Babahoyo
Master in Sustainable Tropical Agriculture
Ing. Freddy Amores
Leader of INIAP's National Research Program for Cocoa and Coffee
Universidad Técnica de Babahoyo (1976)
Master in Science, North Carolina University, USA
Ing. James Quiróz
Responsible of Cocoa Program (INIAP)
Universidad Técnica de Babahoyo
Master in Ecologic Agriculture of Plant Genetic Resources and Biotechnology
Dr. Francisco Mite INIAP
Agricultural Engineer, Universidad de Guayaquil
Master in Science, North Carolina University, USA
“When I find a plantation of cocoa like this one, I'll buy you a ticket and invite you”
- Anonymous -
“Very Good Arriba, strong fruity bitterness, dry raisins to banana noet, medium remaining”
- Samuel Von Rutte -
“This is the best thing in the world, there is no plantation like this one”
- Francisco Aray -
“Victoria, the hacienda, will change the history of the cocoa of fine aroma”
- Lourdes Delgado, Empresaria -
“It's an authentic revolution in the camp of the cocoa agriculture and a reaffirmation of the quality that these lands had historically”
- Jenny Estrada, Historian -