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In our lands we are producing the best cocoa in the world, Arriba Victoria Cocoa. Our product has a floral fruity aroma and a strong chocolate flavor, which permit us to bring the fruit of the Gods back, returning to ancestral flavors that Ecuador has lost.
Hundreds of years ago around the highway to the coast, the land of the tropical forest was made to grow cocoa, due to the convergence of a warm, humid and dry climate of our tropical region with the cold winds and the Humboldt Current from Antarctica. This vegetation that once was the victim of deforestation, today has been reclaimed thanks to the complementary irrigation channels of the Daule-Peripa dam, which dates to the pre-Columbian beginnings of agriculture in the area.

In the dry forest, the savannas roll with gentle hills, whose altitude does not exceed 350 meters above sea level. Timber trees such as yellow Ipe, Jennywood, Guachapelí, Guasango, Ceibos, Carob, Palosantos, Guabos and Ciruelos predominated in the area for centuries. This ecosystem was the ideal place for the Las Vegas Culture, with their budding agriculture. The Las Vegas people are among the earliest farmers in the Americas, dating back between 9,000 and 10,000 years from today. The agricultural activity developed by the Valdivia Culture, originates between 4,000 the 1,800 BC. This Pre-Columbian society was also well known for its ceramic production, especially the "Venus de Valdivia" which were a symbol of fertility.

At Victoria Farm, the land was considered sacred due to soil fertility and the presence of its native trees, especially the Ceibo tree, a specie considered sacred by many Pre-Columbian cultures. They thought this tree had a connection between heaven and earth. Regarding fertility, the sacred and favorable environmental conditions, and excellent work, Victoria Farm has produced a sustainable and socially responsible harvest since 2012. The process starts in the nurseries and ends with the drying of the bean after a careful fermentation.

Carlos Eduardo García Fuentes, a successful businessman dedicated to commerce, was encouraged by Francisco Aray Roca to focus on cocoa. In November 2009, he purchased a property of nearly 500 hectares, which was blessed with the name of his wife, Victoria. In 2010 Carlos Garcia, a man of great ambitions and goals, carefully ignored the risks of his investment in the cocoa sector. He mapped out an action plan in which he involved some of the best professionals of the agricultural sciences and young technicians to undertake the study of soils, electrical conductivity, availability and suitability of nutrients, among other technical aspects. In the meantime, agreements were established with the National Institute of Agricultural Research (INIAP) in order to guarantee the delivery of certified seeds. This action precipitated the modern plantation in Ecuador.

Agronomists, who aligned themselves with the ancestral procedures, sought the proper shade and planted plantain among the cocoa rows that would grow in 460 hectares. A short time later, against all negative predictions, the Arriba Nacional Cocoa exceeded production expectations compared to other areas of the country.

In 2016, the potential of the trees of Victoria Farm was established above 2 tons per hectare (more than 40 quintals). This fact has caused the interest of many farmers in Ecuador. It has generated the renaissance of fine flavor Cocoa in the country.



To maintain an environmental awareness and social responsibility in all agricultural and business practices, and produce the best quality of fine Aroma Cocoa with a traceable certification that allows for fair prices for the producer.



Establish a benchmark for sustainable quality agriculture with Denomination of Origin for the worldwide cocoa sector of America, and Create new aroma profiles and maintaining accountability from the sowing of the seed to the delivery of the final product.



We have gathered people together in the dream of a life with a better purpose. We treat each other with respect, equality and empathy. This will undoubtedly entails an economic, mental and social transformation. All of us in the Victoria Farm have bonded together to produce the best fine Aroma Cocoa in the world.



Carlos García feels that his dream is coming true. Nevertheless, he does not lose his caring nature as a human being. He shares a commitment with his team members, well beyond legal contracts. All the workers at Victoria Farm are affiliated to Ecuadorian social security. They have free meals that gives a nutritious food service to the workers, and they have a medical clinic for their family members. Mr. García is grateful for the splendid response of the land and the local people. He has made substantial investments in the schools of Bajada de Progreso and San Cristóbal, two small rural villages. Victoria Farm provided computer equipment and infrastructure to raise the educational quality to local children.



The Hacienda Victoria is located in Km 95 of the highway to the coast. It is very close to Cerecita town and located less than one hour from Guayaquil.
“When I find a plantation of cocoa like this one, I'll buy you a ticket and invite you”
- Anonymous -
“Very Good Arriba, strong fruity bitterness, dry raisins to banana noet, medium remaining”
- Samuel Von Rutte -
“This is the best thing in the world, there is no plantation like this one”
- Francisco Aray -
“Victoria, the hacienda, will change the history of the cocoa of fine aroma”
- Lourdes Delgado, Empresaria -
“It's an authentic revolution in the camp of the cocoa agriculture and a reaffirmation of the quality that these lands had historically”
- Jenny Estrada, Historian -